Welcome to the State of California

The State of California has many places to photograph.  There is many National Parks and State Parks that provide and infinite number of locations.  The landscape ranges from the desert in the south to the Mountains in the north.  Add into the mix the coast and you have a wide range of possibilities.  The problem most visitor have is where to start.  There is no way you could get to every location in a year, might take a life time.  There are twelve travel region in California.  The North Coast, Shasta and Cascades, San Francisco Bay, Gold Country, Central Valley, High Sierra's, Central Coast, Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and the Deserts in the south.  For a list of lighthouses and map of lighthouses. To identify flowers you might find these sites useful. Cal Berkeley California Academy of Sciences

For infomation on the coast of California.

North Coast Region San Francisco Bay Region Gold Country Region Central Valley Region High Sierra Region Central Coast Region Deserts Region Los Angeles County Orange County Inland Empire Region San Diego Shasta Cascades

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