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Bald Rock a lava formation in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  From Oroville, go north on highway 162 to Berry Creek.  Turn right onto Bald Rock Road follow the signs to the parking lot.

Klamath National Wildlife Refuge

Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge and Klamath National Wildlife Refuge are the best places in California to find huge numbers of bald and golden eagles. January and February are prime months for bald eagles.  On the auto route you can shoot from your car.  You have to reserve the blinds. There is the Slump Raptor blind off the dike on the auto tour route in the southern section of Tule Lake, A nearby tree makes an excellent perch for the eagles and you will need a 200mm lens. This north-facing blind must be entered before 7 a.m. from December through February. The two Sleepy Ridge Eagle Blinds require hiking along a relatively steep ridge and, you must be in good physical condition to use these blinds. The North Eagle Blind at Sleepy Ridge faces north toward a dead tree which eagles find attractive. You’ll need a 300mm length lens. The South Eagle Blind at Sleepy Ridge faces a dead tree off to the south.  You’ll need a 300mm lens.  At the Eagle Snag Blind near the entrance of the Lower Klamath Tour road there's a dead tree nearby in the water where eagles and other raptors perch. You're about 75 feet away from the birds.  To get to Tule Lake NWR from Interstate 5, take Highway 97 north from Weed and turn northeast on Highway 161. Continue 9 miles to the Lower Klamath auto tour. To go on to Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge, take Highway 161 east to Hill Road. Turn right (south), on Hill Road to the Wildlife Refuge Headquarters.  Contact the Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge Complex (530)667-2231.

Clear Lake NWR

Modoc NWR best time is spring thru fall.

Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park

McArther Burney Falls Memorial State Park-Check locally if they are dry before going

Mossbrea Falls is at the northern edge of the state, right off I-5 in Dunsmuir

Ide Adobe State Park

Lava Beds National Monument area - Subway Cave, Hat Creek, Shasta Caverns, or Little Mt. Hoffman Lookout Point.

Lassen Volcanic National Park- The Sulphur Works, Bumpass Hell, and Lassen Peak trails are good for wildflowers. Other good areas are Kings Creek Meadow (August), Summit Lake, Dersch Meadows (July), and Paradise Meadows.  Also all along the main road from Sulphur Works to Dersch Meadows, Chaos Jumbles. Castle Crags, Castle Lake, Panther Meadows.

Painted Dunes

Burney Falls

Cinder Cone Trail

Butte Lake region and Painted Dunes Area, hike to the top of Cinder Cone

Trinity mountains and Trinity river nice for flowers and landscape shots

Applegate trail

Feather Falls is the sixth highest waterfall in the nation. It is 640 feet high.  It is a 4 mile hike to the falls.  To get there from highway 70 in Oroville CA., take highway 162 east 8.3 miles to Forbestown Road 6.7 miles to Lumpkin Road, turn left on Lumpkin road 10.6 miles across the Oroville Reservoir Bridge.  Turn left on Bryant Road about 1.5 miles to Feather Falls National Recreation Trailhead.

Redding has a sundial bridge.

Fall Colors

Quincy courthouse, try the Quincy-La Porte Road.  Thompson Lake, Susanville,  Hwy 89, Bucks Lake, Thompson Lake, Crescent Mills, Burney Falls, Mt. Shasta, Lassen, Hwy 36

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