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I would like to welcome you to Photo Locations Guide.  This site I hope will help you in your travels to find locations to take pictures.  Yes you can go to any city, state or country and find unique people, places and things to photograph.  But there is those post card places, that you’ve see in magazines or on TV.  Where you’ve wished you could go there and take that picture.  Well the time comes, you have forgotten about all of those pictures, you’re leaving tomorrow and you don’t know where to go to take photographs.  Yes you can ask people when you get there, spend valuable time driving around looking for places to photograph or you can search websites to find those places.  I found that the problem in searching on the internet for photo locations usually results in a photographer’s website where they are trying to sell photo’s, books or travel guides.  Yes there you see the photograph for sale of the location you have dreamed of photographing but you still have no idea where it is, how to get there and is it best to shoot at sunrise or sunset.  You have no time to order the book or guide and you have no way of knowing if it is worth buying or not. 


One day when I was frustrated trying to find photo locations around a city I had to go to for work, I decided that I was going to try to fix the problem.  Photo locations Guide is my attempt to try and fix this problem.  I have been to every state except for one and many countries.  I have two file cabinets full of travel guides and material and I am going to try a put as much information as I can on this website, but there is still no way that myself or anyone will know every place.  That is where you come in.  If there is a photo location that you know about email me and I will include it on this site, I would even love a photo of it.  If I can get people like yourself, to send me information.  We can create a fantastic resource of photo locations that we can all use to research our next photo travel adventure.  Please go to the contact link for information on how to send me your information on your favorite photo destination.


Here is a little bit about me and how I got into Photography.  My name is Ed Askew.  I am a software engineer and travel a lot for my job.    Many people that don’t travel a lot think that traveling for your job would be exotic and fun, especially when your work pays for it.  After spending countless hours in airports, sitting way too much on airplanes, staying too many nights in hotels and watching too much TV especially those news programs that show how they never clean your hotel room very good, I came to the conclusion that this exotic travel isn’t any fun.  One week while working at a warehouse in Erie Pennsylvania, a few of us couldn’t work the weekend and couldn’t go home, so we decided to drive to Maine for lobster.  I went and bought a disposable camera and we were off.  After 11 states and over 1500 miles I had some snap shots, but I didn’t have any photographs.  When I got home I found my old Pentex super program camera that I had never used much and decided to take it traveling with me because that disposable camera made those pictures bad.  Well a few rolls of film later, I learned that it just might not be the camera at fault.  I began to read books and practice photography.  Instead of sitting in a bacteria filled hotel room, I was out taking sunset pictures.  All of the sudden I started ending up with a couple of post card photos every roll.  Now I am on my third camera and still learning how to take better photographs.  I now spend my mornings and evening out photographing with my camera instead of sitting on a hotel bed watching TV wondering when they washed the bed spread last.


I still have the dilemma of where to go photograph when I get to my destination.  But it is getting fix!!  Happy photographing. 




The best locations to take photo's are in our database. If you know of any Photography Locations you have visited or pictures that you would like to share SUBMIT them. Thank You for your help in making our Photo Locations Guide database grow.