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Urban photo shoot in Los Angeles. Start at 1 Wilshire blvd. to the ocean total 15 miles. MacArthur Park, Mid Wilshire, Beverly Hills, UCLA's Westwood area, and finally Santa Monica to the Ocean which also marks the official end of Route 66.   Stop at the La Bread Tar Pits.  Don’t forget at the Palisades overlooking the ocean, where if you time it right you can picnic and watch the sun set.  Then stroll out to the Santa Monica Pier and/or stroll the 4th street Promenade which represents some of the most interesting middle class night life in LA.  Also try Disney Hall, Broadway and Central Market.

Santa Monica Beach 3rd street for some crazy photos of people

Vasquez Rocks is sort of a cool place.  I'm told some Star Trek episodes were filmed there.

Huntington Gardens.  Many different gardens like the Japanese Garden, Zen garden, cactus garden, Shakespearean Garden, also a gate with zig-zag stairway and a Japanese house.

Huntington Library

Griffith Park Observatory and Mount Hollywood. For sunset.  The Observatory is a great location for photography late afternoon, sunset and night. From the back side of the observatory you can shoot downtown Los Angeles area, the Wilshire corridor and Westwood out to the Pacific ocean. At night, the view over the city is breathtaking.

Behind the observatory is Mount Hollywood (not the one with the famous Hollywood sign). The views going up to Mount Hollywood and from the summit are wonderful (on a clear day). The hike to the top of the summit is 1.4 miles and not very difficult.  The trail begins at the north end of the observatory parking lot.  At the first hill is a nice view of downtown Los Angeles skyline framed by trees.  You can also get some pictures of the Hollywood sign. The trail splits with one section going around the east side and another around the west side of the summit.  The east side is a more gentle climb.  You will have some good views looking north to the San Gabriel.  From the 1,650-foot summit of Mount Hollywood, you have a 360 degree view of virtually the entire Los Angeles basin.

Santa Ana Botanic Garden is located in Claremont

San Gabriel Mountains

LA Arboretum

Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve

El Matadoe Beach State Park great for sunsets

Leo Carillo State Beach has natural arches at low tide and good tidepools.

Santa Anita horse track.

Old town Pasadena

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